Happy 6th Birthday 🎈

6 years ago, I had the most incredible honour to grow you, to be your home and to be your Mom. You were mine, no one closer to you, no one knew you like me, no one had the time with you as I did. I was the lucky one. To love you is to be blessed. Sometimes I ask myself what I did to deserve you. To be so fortunate to experience such deep unconditional love. I didn’t know this deep love until you. It was like you opened a vortex of love within me. I am forever grateful.

You will forever be my guiding light, my reminder to choose love, and to see that even in the most painful moments of life, there is light, and love exists.

You have blessed me with the greatest gift. You gave me purpose. It is you I think of when presented with hard things. You remind me when I feel all the feels that it will pass; nothing lasts forever, not joy, not sadness, not excitement, nor fear; they are all temporary.

Life is created by combining all these moments, feelings and experiences, which make this beautiful rich tapestry we call life. Because of you, my tapestry is vibrant. Because of you, I experienced the full spectrum of emotions, the deepest of sorrows, the purest of joy, and unconditional love. You made me see that the weight of your loss was balanced out with all your lessons; you have made me see that the hole in my heart will remain, but it doesn’t have to hurt as much. You showed me how love, loss, joy, and sorrow could coexist. We are meant to experience and welcome all of it. Surrender and allow life to unfold.

Thank you. I am forever grateful you chose me to be your Mom, and I will forever chose you.

Here’s to SIX years of being blessed by you. You are incredible.

🎈 Happy Birthday, Theodore.

Love you, forever and always.

Your Mom