It is all in the Numbers 

My Dearest Theo

Today brings us to exactly four months since you were born at 11:22am, since we met face to face and heart to heart. Today is 122 days since you left my physical world.

I miss you today as much as I did the minute we said goodbye. I was up most of the night thinking about you among a few other things. I have recently been told you were a Master Teacher, and being born at 11:22am and living for 22 minutes signified that, I was told I too have a master number and needed this experience for that part of me to emerge. I had no clue and still don’t know exactly what it all means but while I was awake I was researching Master Numbers and I learned 11 & 22 are master numbers. I then did the calculations for my life path and it came to 33 which is apparently also a Master Number. The number 33 has followed me throughout my life and appears everywhere for me.

It was not shock when I was told about the significance of your number. I am so grateful for your teachings and you are the best teacher I have encountered. I have no doubt that I was intended to look more into your Master Number 22 exactly 122 days after your passing. There are no coincidences in life. . .

Today is beautiful, chilly but the sun is shining. Today I promise to spend my time honouring you, and remembering all the incredible moments we have shared on this amazing journey with an open heart. My heart wants to do the opposite, it wants to curl up in a corner and mourn all that we have lost and all that we won’t ever have. But today is going to be a day I choose to love you without pain. This choice isn’t an easy one but I know it is what you want for me so I will try.

I love you little Mr Theodore. I love you, I long for you and I have been grateful for you every minute of the last 122 days and in the months prior. I will continue to be grateful for you until we meet again.

Your forever loving Mommy.

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