I am finally rich. 

Theo my forever son. 

Today I have been looking at pictures of your service. Particularly the ones that captured an embrace from a family member or friend. I love these pictures as amongst the sadness I see the light, I see the love we are surrounded with and I see how truly blessed we are. 

As time rolls on and more light is let in, my heart desires to feel love and joy and I start to feel more at ease. I think of where I would have been if I didn’t have the friends that I do. Those who support us from a far and those who are close enough to hold space for us and love us in a more physical way. Theo you and I are so lucky to be loved so deeply by so many. 

Life is about love, and touching the hearts of others. To live a rich life without love is simply impossible. To live a life with deep loving connections is incredible and to be surrounded by those connections in your deepest hour allows you to see purpose. Because you lived, my life is forever rich. 

When I was a little girl and I had visions of my life, one was to be rich and all the ways I would make that happen. I had no idea in my young innocence that to be rich was as simply as loving, truly, deeply and unconditionally. It is because of you Theo I am finally rich. 

I love you, I will always love you and my gratitude for you coming into my life is endless. 

Your forever loving Mommy. 

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