Happy Father’s Day 


Did you know on Sunday is Father’s Day? Your Father is amongst the most deserving Dads to be celebrated. Sunday is going to a day that will be much like Mother’s Day beautiful and heavy hearted as you can’t be with us. 

Your Dad has the hardest job a Dad could ever have, to father a child he can’t hold. You see Moms are always thought of when a child passes. Every day since you have left our world I have been so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by friends, most of our family and even strangers who check in and see how I am coping day to day. Your Dad is largely alone in his grief. His heart longs for you as much as mine does. His heart is broken in ways that can’t be mended yet because he is a man it is perceived that he is okay.  

When you chose him to be your Dad you sure knew what you were doing. If you were here with us he would teach you to play soccer, help you build Lego towers, take you to the hotel, show you what working hard looks like, teach you tenacity, ensure your moral compass was strong, he would pour endless love into you, he would teach you respect, compassion, and the importance to give back to your community. But you aren’t here. You left us as he met you and his only connection to you is through prayer, his unconditional love that he sends you every minute of every day, and finding comfort knowing you are always with us. He is the best dang Dad to a son he can only love from a distance. 

I am so proud of your Dad. He has loved me through the hardest days of my life. He has been strong when I have been weak and has done nothing but love me more and more as each day passes. To watch your dad with Jack and Patrick makes my heart sing. They are my most favourite trio and yet I so badly wish it was a foursome. I see you missing every time I look at them. Ohh the fun you would have had! 

So as we navigate Father’s Day with love and grace please know you will be on our minds the entire time and we will be lifting up prayers to you.   

We love you endlessly. Because you lived, your Dad is pretty much the best Dad to walk this earth. 

Your forever loving Mommy. 

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